With DEFCON in safe mode this year, CHV has gone virtual as well. But that doesn't mean you can't hack cars. We have a number of cars across the globe connected to Raspberry Pis, allowing hackers to SSH in and send CAN messages.

How does it work? First, sign up for an account, and log in. Next, click "Join Queue" on the car you want to hack.

Once you're to the front of the line, you'll see a console appear with SSH instructions. You'll have 30 minutes with the vehicle to solve CTF challenges or whatever else you'd like.

PD0-pi3 [offline]
PD0-pi1 [offline]
grimm_3p0 [offline]
plcbench-ORANGEBLUE [offline]
plcbench-GREEN [offline]
tesla [offline]
ram-1500 [offline]
Head Unit Hackathon [offline]
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